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Sound in 3D…

is a patented technology enabling one to experience vibrations of music, voice and other sounds, not only through the ears, but through the sense of touch.  A true ‘dimensional layering’ of vibrations and stereophonic recording with both entertainment and therapeutic applications.



One needs to simply ‘experience’ Sound in 3D’s technology to understand how truly revolutionary it is.  

“Using a quality speaker, coupled with my newly patented technology, the tactile units draw the user into an ‘audio 3D’ experience unlike any other. A true Doppler effect is experienced. The user actually ‘feels’ the music, words or actions creating a real sense of motion and space that one sense alone is incapable of eliciting.”
Robert D. LeDonne, Inventor




  • Science proves positive effects of self-selected music on physical performance. Imagine what ‘feeling’ the music will do!
  • Scientists prove DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies. Imagine what ‘feeling sound frequencies’ can do!


  1. Robert, Hope this finds you well and enjoying your summer.
    I am opening an exhibit July 25 that I think has some synergy with your work. Wondering if you might want to be part of an Art Experience I am planning during that exhibit? Give a call?

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